About Us

We have always felt that inefficient Waste Management is one of the most alarming concerns of our times. It concerns the soil, the air, the environment as a whole. There are hazardous chemicals mixed in our toxic wastes. The landfill areas in Noida are already overflowing and can hardly contain it anymore.

Just look at the numbers. Don’t you feel it’s shocking? Unless we find a way to segregate and recycle our waste to refrain it from creating hazardous chemicals, our environment is sure to be doomed in mounds of garbage and that too not in centuries to come, the countdown has already begun.

Now is the time to act on it and in this regard we have taken the first step. we have. We have designed our reformative social initiative ‘Garbage To Garden’ to manage waste more efficiently right from its origin. We have come up with a plan to utilise kitchen waste to create compost and help grow a whole farm in our backyard with manure created by our own kitchen waste.
The process is simple. We will go door to door to train and educate people about how to reuse kitchen waste to create compost manure. Our mantra is, ‘Don’t throw it, Grow it’, resonating our ideology and our dream is to create a garden city in place of the heaps of garbage. That is the plan that Garbage to Garden promotes in collaboration with IIP Foundation.

IIP Foundation has taken up this grand endeavour to fight against the evil of garbage. IIP Foundation has always been dedicated to contributing to every cause that our society has asked for. We are a nongovernmental organisation helping and supporting the government to build a better city, a better country, and a better world. We believe in the power of education and we dream to bring about palpable changes in every dire scenario that our society encounters by educating our people and spreading the awareness about issues that concern us. IIP Foundation is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Goyal whose help and support has made impossible, possible. Garbage to Garden is yet another project taken up by IIP foundation to curb the claws of garbage

Garbage to Garden, our project is on its way to climb Garbage Mountains and break barriers of rubbish heaps to create a healthy and hygienic environment in the city of Noida. We pledge that Noida will become the first Indian city to have no landfills. We pledge to make Noida a 100% environment friendly city by the year 2022.