Our Work


We started with one goal in mind: To transform Noida into the first Indian city to be a 100% environment friendly city with zero waste and no garbage in the landfills. It would help the economy and save us a lot of space kept aside for landfills and more it would give us a healthier environment and a hygienic city.


We started off with finding the solution to the problem of garbage and landfill. We have already designed a plan to curb the issue perfectly by reusing organic waste to generate compost. This compost can be used in small community farms to plant vegetables.

We started implementing the plan in our own homes first and slowly our entire neighbourhood signed up for the task in their homes as well. Now we are taking our initiative to every house and locality in Noida. Not only residential areas, we are also collaborating with corporate houses, schools colleges, independent farmers and peasant families as well.

We are holding regular workshops for initial induction and orientation, slowly moving forward to organise training sessions on a regular basis as well. Our aim is to spread awareness among citizens and we are Being inspired by the Swachha Bharat Mission, we endeavor to pay our tribute to the mission and are garnering support from the media from the same. We believe that together we can win the GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION.