The Team

Rajesh Goyal
The Man Behind Garbage To Garden

Rajesh Goyal, a man of many talents with a vision unmatched. More than anything else, he is a man of Creative Arts and photography. With humble beginnings, Rajesh started as a keen photographer. Talent and hard work, earned him the title of a scholar in BFA and the number 1 position in the Punjab University 1991 batch. In his over two decades of experience as a Specialist in Marketing & Communication and also as a photographer, he worked with clients from almost all around the world such as USA, UK, Holland, Australia, Italy and Germany among others.
“Life feels enriched with myriad experiences but my passion for photography has rewarded me with a new perspective to look at life and the world. It is my mission to impart this knowledge to the upcoming ardent photographers; they too need to look at life with a newer perspective”
- Rajesh Goyal.
With this pledge, it was time to give back to the art and to the country that fetched him worldwide accolades. Rajesh Goyal wasn’t content with being an artist among photographers. Instead, he made it his mission in life to pass on this legacy to the coming generation; to make photography the art of the masses. He believed that one needs to capture precious moments so that they do not slip away from them.
Photography is about love and appreciation; it makes families come together and celebrate life. It is about embracing the beauty of nature. It simply immortalizes life! And this is where the dream of imparting world-class photography education on both regular and online modes started taking shape
In the absence of avenues to learn photography in a mainstream way, Rajesh Goyal began with his regular and unique online courses under the wing of indianinstituteofphotography.com. With an immensely talented team, he set off on the path to make photography accessible to the common man. People from varied walks of life, of different strata, irrespective of gender and age could now easily opt to learn photography from the best. With the exceptional blend of Creative, MARCOM and Entrepreneurial skills of Rajesh Goyal, Indian Institute of Photography has broken barriers. As the no.1 teaching portal for photography, it has successfully completed 70 batches and is still counting. Spanning its network around Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and now all over India, it has not limited itself but has reached over 31 countries internationally through its online courses.
The use of social media and the advent of Internet have also contributed to this vision of photography in a big way. Innovation indeed has been the most attractive move. Apart from regular courses, the online courses have been accepted with startling success. With great pride it can be said that the vision of Rajesh Goyal has paid off. Everyone can learn the art of photography now sitting in the comfort of their homes, at their convenient timings and can stay connected with the attentive faculty of IIP any time.
“Come and fall in love with the camera; the world awaits you!”
There are indeed miles to go; IIP under the tutelage of Rajesh Goyal has achieved a lot but continues to reinvent itself with the modern times and strives to fulfil its passion- Photography. IIP can boast to be the one and only endeavour in the nation that has united people with their hobby and has revolutionized the concept of teaching photography through its weekend courses. The herculean efforts of Rajesh Goyal and team continue.
His vision has captured the future, the tomorrow that awaits us, a darker tomorrow which needs immediate attention. He has always focused his goals to three key factors: Environment, Education and Culture. Through his vision he has achieved excellence and has started legendary institutions concerning the three sectors and curbing the curse of the same.
He has started IIP Foundation with a grand vision to give back to the nature, to inspire education and to involve in the cultural activities of our society, of our eastern culture. He has encouraged his students to love education by involving innovative ways to teach and making education more appealing to students with one prodigal idea, we call it IIP Foundation. He has inspired them to love the nature to take a step back and contribute towards our collective growth. That’s when it occurred to him.
Garbage to Garden, a vision this vast can only be perceived through the eyes of a genius. Rajesh Goyal, the genius, the true leader, the founder and a wise visionary— It was him who first conceived the idea of a garbage free Noida and thus, one step at a time, a garbage free nation. He truly has the soul of an artist, a creator, an inventor who connected the dots between the various ‘impossibilities’ to culminate into one great possibility- a healthier and hygienic Noida. That’s what Mr. Goyal has taught us to dream about. He has pre-calculated the gigantic mess we are stepping into going forward, he has opened our eyes to the massive health hazards and economical challenges related to Garbage and finally he has motivated us all to join, work for and manifest, THE GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION under the brainchild of his own Garbage to Garden project.
The brain child of the legendary visionary Mr. Rajesh Goyal, the Founder and Trustee of IIP as well as the Director and Creative Director of Sepia Advertising Pvt. Ltd. Garbage to Garden is an initiative like none other talking about a 360 degree plan for a sustainable lifestyle with absolutely no garbage in landfills and a 100% eco-friendly living in the city of Noida. Our mission is to achieve our goal by 2022. It’s a five years challenge and we have already taken it up with the patronization and inspiration of Mr. Rajesh Goyal, the man behind the movement.
He had it all worked out: The idea, the blue-print, the plan, and the execution. He is one genius of a person with not less than 26 long years of his experience in the advertising and marketing domain with the apt creative background who has a brilliant and intricate mind to plan every step and micromanage every little detail in his domain. He is a perfectionist and with his experience in social work, supporting and patronizing the NGOs, and other reformative actions he drives the dream wheels of his grand endeavours like a master. He is the sole source of inspiration and courage for everyone associated with Garbage to Garden. With his vision and knowledge we sail our boats, to glide in the waters of a great grand ocean, to make the impossible happen, to materialize the GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION, we rule the waves.


Mr. Shailesh Goyal ( Executive Member )
An Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Shailesh Goyal, an alumnus of the prestigious College of Arts Chandigarh, combines profound knowledge of Art, Photography and Advertising. As a successful entrepreneur, his rich experience of more than 25 years in the field of advertising is what keeps him on the professional cutting edge.
Living in advertising environment; breathing creativity; innovating best communication solutions; and firmly establishing brands like never before, Mr. Goyal is heading Sepia Advertising as Director for the last 20 years making agency the most sought after advertising and branding agency across the nation with high creativity, performance and customer responsiveness.
"I consider social work as a humanitarian feeling and a personal responsibility for others. I wholeheartedly admire those who make the conscious choice to live their lives in the service of others. I positively hope that I can do something to help the society become a better place - if not for everyone, at least for the people who live within my social work field and the capacity of endeavor."
His drive to the social work
t takes a very special person with nerves of steel, lots of emotional stability, and a heart of gold to go into social service. There can be no single motivation factor that drives people to social work. Some people may go into social work, because they have been helped by social workers in the past. Others might go into social work for reasons of faith. The principal motivation simply lies in the innate desire to help others and this very motivation drives Mr. Goyal to enter into social work: To uplift the downtrodden by sharing his knowledge and vast experience
To help others with compassion and desire
To empower the underprivileged by imparting professional skills
To facilitate programmes and activities for better livelihoods
To save the girl child and empower women
To work for the causes related to the protection of the planet. Mr. Goyal is of the view that the vicious cycle of poverty and other deep-rooted social discriminations can be broken or wiped out from the society only through the holistic developmental programs and activities for the marginalized sections. He is of the view that the aim of a healthy and flourishing society can be achieved only when the developmental parameters are addressed properly with focus on the equation.


Archana Chharia ( Executive Member )
Educationist & Philanthropist

The Executive Members are an essential part of the governing body of a non-governmental organization (NGO). The decisions that the organization takes and the policies that it executes leave an impact on the people it serves. Therefore, the role of Executive Members in the Governing Body is vitally important. It’s a privilege for IIP Foundation that Mrs. Archana Chharia has graced its Governing Body as an Executive Member.
As a resourceful and highly imaginative Art Educationist, flawlessly trained in a wide array of artistic mediums, Mrs. Chharia possesses a blend of exemplary talents for instilling art appreciation and promoting creativity and open mindedness with her proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated classroom. Her career as a versatile Art and craft Educationist spans over 2 decades in which she has been dedicatedly providing high quality education to the students with commitment to raise the standards of artistic education.
Art of any form is the most interesting, interactive and involving communication, specially the art and craft. The colors, the papers, the waste material, the forms, the shapes, the texture are few raw materials thru which Mrs.Chharia creates wonderful art pieces. Graduated from College of Arts, Delhi in 1994 Mrs.Chharia worked with creative agencies and packaging units of repute. The urge to teach was always her final ambition and thus served schools for more than 18 years. Here the love for children was truly out of the world, being the most preferred teacher she enjoys the creative journey through out.
At IIP Foundation Mrs.Chharia acts as a facilitator of the Foundation’s art-centric educational programs, using classroom presentations and individual instruction to help students learn and apply concepts they learn. She makes a very smart use of hands-on approach to help children understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop critical thinking skills making them prepared for success later in life.
“This definition of art may seem quite broad; however at the elementary level, art begins with drawing some curly or crossed lines on the paper (or walls). My aim is to introduce students with the fundamentals of art philosophy and the Basics of art. Once the students are clear about the philosophy and ideas behind art creation, they can set their own art approach towards all objects”. - Archana Chharia
Work Experience of 2 Decades as an Outstanding Art Educator
Step By Genesis Global School, Noida, June 2013– Till Date Responsibilities:
Serving as Head of Art department, responsible for educating the senior students in CBSE, IB and IGCSE
Responsible in organizing and taking care all Events, decorations and providing creative support.
Participated in various national and international seminars, conventions and programs
Instructed pupils in various art, still life, word art, art history, display board decoration, Tie & dye, Candle Making, Folk Art, Poster Designing, nature study, stone art, best out of waste etc.
Responsible for organizing various programs in school.
All round decoration for school outlook and programs.
Accompanied students on field trips to museums or art galleries and contests.
Step By Step School, Noida, June 2011– 2013
Mastered over 60 different art and craft forms
Have participated in various national and international seminars, conventions and programs
Developed and implemented various thematic lesson plans with creativity using age appropriate material focusing on relevant topics.
Instructed pupils in art, still life, word art, art history, display board decoration, Tie & dye, Candle Making, Folk Art, Poster Designing, nature study, stone art, best out of waste etc.
Responsible for organizing various programs in school.
Successfully achieved student participation by utilizing creativity and incorporating a “real life” connection into the classroom in order to gain and maintain students interest and encourage self-expression.
All round decoration for school outlook and programmes.
Accompanied students on field trips to museums or art galleries.
Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida, April 1999 – May 2011
Developed and implemented various thematic lesson plans using age appropriate material focusing on relevant topics including wild life, greenery and landscapes.
Instructed pupils in art & craft, such as painting, sketching, designing, Face painting, pot decoration, display board decoration. Sequins Decoration, Pot bead Decoration, Tie & dye, Candle Making, Folk Art, Poster Designing, Mask making e.t.c.
Taught, observed and evaluated approximately 1700 pupils' work - Coordinated various programmes and inter school competitions in school Designed the school prospectus, Cover design of Report Card, School Calendar, Vishwadeep (school Magazine) for many years Successfully achieved student participation by utilizing creativity and incorporating a “real life” connection into the classroom in order to gain and maintain students’ interest and encourage self-expression.
All round decoration for school outlook and programmes.
Accompanied students on field trips to museums or art galleries.
Administration of tests and evaluation of grading (part of Examination cell)


Mrs. Shalini Goyal ( Vice President )
Renowned Special Educator

Mrs. Shalini Goyal, is overall in-charge of the Foundation's academic programmes. She has earned a vast experience of educating Special Children of all age groups from 4 to 20 years. With more than 2 decades of work experience in strategic positions at myriads of schools for Special Children in multiple disabilities like spastic, autistic, down syndrome, slow learners and dyslexic children, she has been simply charismatic throughout her tenure in Special Education.
A woman of innate simplicity, utmost humility and an academician by profession, Shalini Goyal plunged into social service inspired by the fiery spirit of philanthropy. She is a multi-faceted personality who is at the peak in her individual profession having a deep-rooted love and concern for children with disabilities.
"Those who educate special children are more to be honored than those who bring them into the world for they give them only life but special educators teach them how to live life."
She is proactively instrumental in the successful execution and implementation of IIP Foundation's educational programmes while contributing significantly to the society in many ways. IIP Foundation is fortunate to have people of such a high stature, caliber, repute and exceptional capabilities to grace its Governing Body.
Work Experience
Shalini has a vast experience in administration and in special education with various corporates, rehabilitation centers and NGOs. She has worked as Administrator with various schools & corporates at New Delhi from 1989-1996 during the start of her career. The urge to service for special children bought her to Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation & Research Centre, Karkarduma, Delhi where she studied and then worked as special educator from 1997 to 2007.
She earned laurels and recognition during her tenure and attended various national and international seminars on her subject. 'Service to special children' was the motif, which kept her going. Later in the year 2008, she joined Mata Bhagwanti Chaddha Niketan, Sector 132, Noida where she worked as special educator till she thought of started her own voluntary organization to serve a larger and much bigger cause and started IIP Foundation.
Educational Background
Shalini passed her Higher Secondary from Govt. Girls Sr. Sec School, Ashok Vihar, Delhi in 1985, She did her Bachelor of Arts History (Hons.) from Daulat Ram College, Delhi in 1988. Further she did B.ED in Social Studies & Hindi from M.D. University, Rohtak in the year 1993 and M.A. (History), H.P. University – 1991. She had the urge to do work for special children and did her Diploma in Special Education for Mental Retardation DSE (M.R) with Distinction from Amar Jyoti Rehabilation& Research Centre, Delhi in 1999 where she also voluntarily worked during here studies.
Special Courses
Community Initiatives in Inclusive Education (supported by Women Council UK) for the children of largest slum area of Asia-'Dharavi' at Mumbai in the year 2003 with Spastic Society of India's National Resource Centre for a period of three months. The event was supported by The Centre for International Child Health, University of London.
National Seminar-cum-Workshop - Early intervention Intensive Portage Training program- By Prof. K. Yamaguchi and team, Japan at Chandigarh inthe year 2000. Organized by Indian National Portage Association in collaboration with Punjab University and Shivalik Public School Chandigar
Movement Therapy and RecreationalSportswith world renowned Respo Group at Amar Jyoti Rehability Research Centre in the year 2000 under the auspices of: Foundation Recreational Sports Development and Stimulation – Disabled international.
Participation in Workshops & Seminars "Child Centered Innovative Approach " Organised by Akshay Pratisththanin May 2000 held at their centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.
"Transition from School to Work "Organised by National Institute for the Mentally handicapped, Secundrabad (NIMH), held at New Delhi in 2001.
"Understanding Learning Problems in Children "Organised by Tamana Association and Rehabilitation Council of India
"Active participation during Abilympics" in the Sixth and Seventh International Abilympics held in years 2003 & 2006organised by National Abilympic Association of India
Professional Training Workshop on AUTISM at Action for Autism, Organised by AADI, Action for Ability Development and Inclusion by The National Trust for the Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and Multiple Disabilities in the year 2007
Continued Rehabilitation Education (CRE) Program on Strategies for Inclusive Education organized by Society for Advance Study in rehabilitation and supported by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan in the year 2012.
Continued Rehabilitation Education (CRE) Program on Development of Pre-Vocational and Vocational Skills organized by Society for Advance Study in rehabilitation and supported by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan in the year 2013.


Dr. Umesh Chandra Gaur

Born on 20th May 1968 in Haridaspur Haribaba Dham and belonging to a respectable family in Gunnaur of Sambal District (UP), Dr. Umesh Chandra Gaur is a man of sterling merit, great intellectual acumen, sheer dedication, amiable deportment, and noble outlook in life. He has to his credit many degrees like M.A (Political Science), M.A (Sociology), M. Phil (Public Admn) & Ph.D.
Born on 20th May 1968 in Haridaspur Haribaba Dham and belonging to a respectable family in Gunnaur of Sambal District (UP), Dr. Umesh Chandra Gaur is a man of sterling merit, great intellectual acumen, sheer dedication, amiable deportment, and noble outlook in life. He has to his credit many degrees like M.A (Political Science), M.A (Sociology), M. Phil (Public Admn) & Ph.D.
With an inherent nature in social work and ardent desire to help the poor, needy disabled, illiterate and down-trodden in society, he has rendered laudable social service and played a key role in the development of rural areas in India. It is significant to add that he has wide network all over India and abroad.
Settled in East Delhi and engaged in various social activities, he could create a distinct niche for himself within a short span of time of his debut in the social arena. His ardent aspiration to establish a noble path and kindle a new light aiming at the welfare and progress of the masses in the country ultimately led him to form a unique organization on 8th August 2006 under the name and style of CONFEDERATION OF COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATIONS OF INDIA with a view to work in tandem with the Government for equitable economic development and alleviation of poverty. As its founder, he could lead various government and CSR projects, apart from creating good network coordinating with government agencies, institutions, NGOs, CBOs, funding organizations and field workers.
A person with steadfast faith in Gandhiji’s principles, he finds peace and joy in pursuing the dream of Gandhiji and accordingly, he initiated even a Youth Development Programme, based on Gandhiji’s perception.
His noble intent, clear vision, strenuous efforts and able stewardship helped him scale great heights and become a prominent personality in every sphere of activity, with enviable achievements.
Though the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Hon’ble Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari provided him personal security considering his dedicated service and marvelous achievements on socio-economic front and for smooth pursuit of his missionary work, he renounced the security blanket with humility and continues to carry out his responsibilities without fear.
It goes to his credit that in May 2012, he was short-listed by the Government of India for the post of Director General, (JS level), NYKS. In fact, out of the four persons selected for this coveted position, his name figured on top.
He played a key role in fighting corruption in various government departments through various means, including RTI. In the case of Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture, he filed a suit in the court, as a part of his crusade against corruption in the case of appointment of vice Chairman and Director. Consequently, the issue appointment to the post of Vice Chairman was taken up by the government and the Hon’ble Prime Minister appointed Shri Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture, based on the judgment of the High court (Order No. W.P. © 8669/2014 dt. 15-12-2014).
Member, Zonal Railway Users & Consultative Committee (ZRUCC), Railway Board, Allahabad. This Committee is meant to prevent the abuse or children in trains and to ensure their safety.
Nominated Member (2013-2016) – Hindi Salahkar Samiti (Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India)
Founder Chairman of Confederation of Community Based Organizations of India. (He founded the Confederation on 8th August 2006, drafted its Memorandum and Rules and Regulations on 2nd October, 2006 and incorporated it on 25th June 2007 after formal approval and NOC from Ministry of Consumer Affairs Govt. of India on 15/19 February 2007).
Former member, Nagrik Parishad, Badaun (Nominated by Government of Uttar Pradesh in 1989).
Former member, Aarya Pratinidhi Sabha, Uttar Pradesh (Team of ManmohanTiwari)
Founder, AGNI (Association of Grass Root News of India),
an Association for empowering national democracy, national integration and overall development, apart from taking Newspapers and community media into the grass-root level to eradicate corruption and make people aware. It was registered after approval and NOC from Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting .
Vice President, North Central Railway Karmachari Sangh.
State Chairman, Chhattisgarh Confederation of NGOs of Rural India (CNRI) 2006-07 under national chairmanship of Late Shri Mohan Dhariya, former Union Minister and Deputy Chairman of Planning Commissioner of India
Yuva Turk and socialist: did national events, with the then President of India Dr Abdul Kalam and Mrs. Pratibha Patel as Chief Guests. Executive Member, (for two-terms), Association for Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development (AVARD) first apex body of Indian voluntary organization founded by Lok Nayak Shri Jay Prakash Narayan.
He is associated with United Nations Initiatives of global social concerns discussion, contribution of suggestions in the spheres of Micro Finance and street vendors welfare.
Mentor, Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust for helping young entrepreneurs to become employment generators rather than employment seekers.
Founder & EX-General Secretary, Aashiana under Chairmanship Shri Ranji Thomos, Advocate General, Supreme Court and Vice Chairman, Shri Nabam Tuki, the then Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.
Founder Joint Secretary – IPACHA. It is an alliance to combat HIV and AIDS. It was initiated during 2004 and an International AIDS Conference was held in Bangkok to combat HIV and AIDS for Indian People
Coordinator and co organizer, National Organizing Committee for National Craft Bazar, New Delhi. This Bazar was organized as an experiment for Rural Products to be linked to the national and global market. The Rural Development Minister Shri Raghubansh Prasad Singh inaugurated and Congress Leader and Defense Minister Shri A.K. Antony presided the function. On the eve of ending session on the October 16th 2007 under the leadership of Gandhian leader Kumari Nirmala Deshpandeyji met Mrs. Sonia Gandhiji and discussed the related matters. Served as a voluntary worker to noted Gandhian Sarvodaya leader and Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Kumari Nirmala Deshpandey ji.
Served as Coordinator, National Organizing Committee for National Meet of Advantage Rural India on 17,18 & 19th April 2007 at Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi.
Member, International Association for Voluntary Efforts (IAVE), Washington USA.
For Global Funds for Tuberculosis patients. Gram Kalyan Samiti meetings for awareness were organised in the TB affected area all over Delhi after making MOU with Mamta Health Institute for Mother and Child.
Campaigned for pressurizing the MPs elected in 2009 to keep their pre-election promises. The campaigns were conducted in the MP constituencies in Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Nagaland.
Conducted a programme for ‘Youth Development for Constructive Work and Pre-Career Guidance’ in January 2016 to empower the tribal youth from Bastar and different parts of Chattisgarh.
Organised a workshop on Youth Volunteerism for Constructive work on 3rd & 4th June, 2016, under the auspices of Gandhi Smriti, Swami Vivekanand College & Bundelkhand College, Jhansi.
Conducted a Two-day workshop for youth on ‘Nature-human-wildlife’ on 27-28, August 2016, in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi, which comes under the authority of Hon’ble Prime Minister. Dev Sanskriti University & World Gayatri Pariwar also played a key role in this function.

Extended support to the Annual Conference of Akhil Bharat Rachnatamak Samaj, New Delhi. Over one lakh people gathered in 3 days conference on various issues like South Asia Peace, Naxalite Violence, National Integration, Communal Harmony etc. UPA Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the function. Parliamentarians from our country as well as from Pakistan and Nepal also participated in the discussions and deliberations. Coordinated Annual Meetings in Jalandhar, Jammu , Risikesh, Haridawar etc. every year.
A unique campaign “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ is being organised for the benefit of the girl-children, under Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act. Many unscrupulous and corrupt elements in this Department were also eliminated as a result of his active efforts through RTI.
Tata Fertilizers and Chemicals was set up and a MOU was entered into for the Rural Employment and Development of Progressive Farmers, providing job for the poor farmers who have lost their land. The then Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated this factory.
Media and Publication – Far from the Dist. Headquarter (about 85 Km) there is a most backward Tehseel Headquarter - Gunnaur, where there is no Education Facility after 8th Standard. In 1985 he started a Newspaper named “Nar Chingari”. through this newspaper the problems of local people were brought to the notice of local Government administration. There he faced numerous hurdles in publishing the newspaper. On 2nd October one officer issued order to kill the street dogs. Since this incident was published in the said newspaper, the officer created many impediments to his service there.
To raise villagers’ voice, he published a newspaper named “Gramin Bimb” from Delhi and Chhattisgarh.
The Voice of Community: Yet another weekly publication named ‘The Voice of Community’ is also being published in three languages (Urdu, English & Hindi) to empower the community.
He organised Voter Awareness Campaign 2009 along with Jan Chetna Manch, Zee News, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and CCBOs and in 2014 under the banners of CCBOS and Maulik Bharat.
Training and Motivation Campaign: He organized many training and motivation campaigns from time to time for Health & Sanitation, Capacity Building and Leadership Development, Project Planning, CBOS/RWA community based VOS for the empowerment of local community.
Ex – Director, Cooperative Union, Gunnaur, Dist. Sambal, U. P. 1987
Ex-President, Chetriya Yuvak Samiti, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Department of Youth Affairs and Pradeshik Vikas Dal, Block Gunnaur and Member, Block Development Committee (BDC)
Ex Vice-President, Zila Yuva Kalyan Parishad, Deptt. Of Youth and Sports and Pradeshik Vikas Dal, Dist. Badayun, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (1988).
Ex Member, Zila Nagrik Parishad, Govt. of Uttarpradesh (Nominated by Government of Uttar Pradesh).
Did Padayatra in Delhi region to propagate use of Indian made items on Deepawali and such other festivities, instead of using foreign items made in China and other countries.
Initiated Youth Development Program at Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh. Enlightened and experienced persons (Who is who of the town) addressed 300 students in two days event on 18-19 January 2016. This series was supported by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samithi, to which Hon’ble Prime Minister is the Chairman.
Started ‘Jeevan Madhur Policy’ with the support of LIC, for the benefit of the poor, under Micro Finance scheme, under the banner of CNRI, under the leadership of Mr. Mohan Dharia, former Minister and Dy Chairman Planning Commission. The then President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam launched this on 28 September 2006.

Trustee, Maulik Bharat, an organization wanting to see India fully developed, well cultured, healthy, wealthy, sovereign, socialist, secular, and making efforts to secure Socio-economic and Political Justice besides ensuring liberty of Religion, Speech, Expression, Faith, Worship, Work and Profession; Equality of Status and Opportunity for all so that each individual of the country can feel proud to be an Indian.
Worked for all North-East States to spread the peace and for giving all facilities to common man in that area.
Worked for Muslim Minorities in Assam (Charura), who are very poor and fought for their status from general to OBC.
There is a big problem of HIV/AIDS in Manipur. Worked for the victims of HIV/AIDS, giving them treatment facilities, second line treatment with the help of Manipur Voluntary Health Association and different Manipur NGOs.
Also worked in Nagaland, which is suffering for the terrorism. He collaborated with all the small NGOs of that state and started working for peace.
In Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunanchal, Sikkim, he has worked for the Scheduled Tribe poor people. In north-east area before every Parliamentary Constituency he arranged Public Hearing and made a Local People Manifesto.
Served as Member, Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh
For Minor Forest Products, he helped the tribal people, who were prevented by the forest department and deprived of their livelihood, to file cases against the department. He also fought against the injustice in National Commission for ST, New Delhi. Public hearing at Dist. H.Q. Meetings with forest officers and local tribal peoples meetings were also arranged with Member Prem Bhai Mandavi, Director Sri R.S. Garg. They stayed together for 13 days and worked for the Tribal People. On 2nd October 2006, arranged meeting and prayers for the villagers whose houses were about to be destroyed due to making a New Capital in Chhattisgarh. Punjab National Bank extended great support for this cause. The bank made Homeopathic Dispensary and parks for the affected villagers. Zonal Manager of PNB made all arrangements to fulfill the social responsibility.
In Chhattisgarh there is no OBC Commission established by State Government. He worked for this and issued invitation to Smt. Nira Shastri, Daughter-in-law of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, Hon’ble member National Commission for OBC, Govt. of India to meet with the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri Raman Singh for making the OBC Commission. Arranged three big meetings at three different places i.e. Raipur, Razim, Mahasamund.
On 08.08.2006 a movement was launched from Hotel Bebylon, Raipur for making rich India movement. Governor of Chattisgarh H.E. Shri K.M. Seth, Lt. Gen. (Retd) gave his inaugural speech in that meeting and Smt. Manju Hemrom of National Commission for Women, Retd. IAS officer Shri L.V. Saptarishi attended this function. After the function, he and NCW member visited some remote areas of the state like Dantevada, Bastor, Jagdalpur, Kanker etc. for hearing of the common problems of the remote tribal women of the area.
Woman political empowerment day – to fulfill the dream of Rajiv Gandhi on 24th April, every year awards are given to those women who have done some precious work in the same field. This year Mrs. Sharala Koushlya, President, District Panchayat and President, District Block Panchayat Dr. Rashmi Chandrakar and last year Mrs. Sarita Kachh member District panchayat baster were awarded.
Conducted a programme for ‘Youth Development for Constructive Work and Pre-Career Guidance’ in January 2016 at Town Hall, Mahasamun to empower the tribal youth from Bastar and different parts of Chattisgarh. It was done in association with Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and Municipal Board, Mahasamund.
Dil Jodo Movement (People to People contact for Peace and Harmony and empowerment for Tribal People). On 08.08.2002 Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Statue Star movement and Padyatra did more than thousand programmes for the development of Adivasi (Tribal people) under guidance and encouragement of Nirmala Desh Pandey.
Padyatra was organized for Voter Awareness campaign in 2004 for 100% voting by the illegible voters. The same movement was done in 2009 throughout the country as a whole and NE in specific.
Adventurous activity was organized for encouragement of the youth sector from Gwalior to ChotaKailash Parvat, Pithoragarh and Uttranchal, which was supported by Ministry Youth Affairs and Sports. Hon’ble member of National Commission for Backward Class Mrs. Nira Shastri inaugurated it in June 2004.
Seheria community was most backward and illiterate residing in Mara Village. They are leading a very miserable life. For them he had done the ‘Padyatra without shoes’ with Sri Rohan Singh Rana in the year 2002. He collected donation for the development of this community’s hunger problem, visited the ST Commission of the area later in the year 2005 and also visited Gwalior, Shivpuri, Seyopur, Morena where district officer took hearing from those deprived people and tried to solve their problems.
In Bhind District where female children were killed by their parents and dacoits continued to cause nightmare, he visited the area along with Miss Anusuiya Uikya, member NCW Govt. of India for National integration awareness camp. A study was conducted on Female fetal killing and a campaign was started to stop the diabolic practice
Berea community was more backward than any other. They made their female children as prostitute and started earning money. His friend Sri Ram Snehi, a renowned social worker of Beria community worked a lot for improvement of their living style and helped them to start living with the mainstream. He encouraged Sri Snehi in his mission. Besides, he took the officials of NCW, NIPCCD and NSTC with Sri Sanahi and to Abhudhaya Ashram, Distt. Morena (M.P.).
Govt. of India , NIPCCD organized two days seminar on RTI Act 2005. The subject of the seminar was ‘Sensitization Programme on RTI Act 2005’. Attended this seminar as a Resource Person and after completion of this seminar, made a network for seminar follow up activities.
Established a High School (Mamta High School ) in mid eighties for providing free education to ST children in Village Mahesh Pura, MurarCantt. Gwaliar under leadership of Mother in law Mrs. Shanti.
Co-ordinated a Youth development Guidance programme at PACE Institute of Science & Technology.
Served as Co-ordinator, Annual Conference of Akhil Bharat Rachnatmark Samaj in Tirupati in November 2006, which was inaugurated by Smt. Sonia gandhi and Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu, former BJP President & Minister, and many VVIPs and thousands of Sarvodaya leaders, Gandhians, Social and Peace activists from India Pakistan and Nepal attended, besides people from Chhattisgarh.
Served as PRO, Peace Institute of Technology and Sciences, a renowned A grade institute.
Served as Coordinator in organizing Annual Conference of Akhil Bharat Rachnatmak Samaj & Associated of Peoples of Asia in Jalandhar in the month of November 2004 which was inaugurated by Cabinet Minister of Government of Punjab and attended by VIPs and Thousands of Sarvodaya Leaders, Gandhian, socialist, Social and Peace activists from India, Pakistan and Nepal. Over a thousand people came from Pakistan and around one thousand people from India were to participate, but because of some official problem, it did not take place.
Actively participated in Women Political Empowerment day, which was celebrated on 24th April 2007, when many noble leaders were awarded.
In 1998 co-organized of a big Campaign which was done for the purpose of National Integration. While H.H. Dalai Lama served as Chief Guest and Hon’ble Didi Nirmala Deshpandey was on the forefront, thousands of Gandhian leaders attended this function.
News Papers & Magazines Federation of India: Since July 2010 many programmes have been organized to support and strengthen journalists.
Worked in earth quake affected area of J&K and sent some relief fund under the leadership of Hon’ble Didi Nirmala Deshpandey.
Held Annual General Body Meeting of Akhil Bharat Rachnatmak Samaj in 1997 which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Indra Kumar Gujral and attended by VVIPs and thousands of Sarvodaya Leaders, Gandhians, Social and Peace activists from India, Pakistan and Nepal.
Indian People’s Alliance for Combating HIV/AIDS :- It was organized on 26th July 2010 (KL Seghal Hall, Abhinav Theater Jammu) for the first state level consultation meet of IPACHA.
Organized a State level Conference for Panchayati Raj in 1995. All Voluntary organizations had attended this programme.
Worked a lot in the wake of Bihar Flood in 2008. His wife Mrs. Sadhana Gaur also joined hands to help the affected people in the area. Relief material was also sent through Bihar Administration and Bal Mahila Kalyan, Kaithar, Bihar.
Worked for Peace, Communal Harmony & National Integration in Gujarat. CCBOS Minority Wing Chairman Shri Raise Khan Pathan is staying in Gujarat.
Worked for relief and rescue of those affected by Gujarat earthquake in the year 2001. Provided relief material to CAPART, Govt. of India with the help of Chairman Shri. Anna Hazare and Member Convener Shri S.H. Indulkar.
Undertook Padyatra and peace work in Gujrat (2011-2012)
RAJASTHAN In 1989-90 a movement was organized against management of Rajasthan Atomic Energy Power Project, Rawat Bhata, for giving employment to local people. Management agreed to most of the demands, as local political leaders and the Ex. MLA extended their full support.
Seheria, the tribal community residing in Bara, Kota, Sawai and Madhopur Districts, are most backward and illiterate. They are leading a very miserable life, with no food. In fact, they were eating grass and leaf to live. Yet the Govt. had not given due attention.
Done Pathyatra without shoes with Shri Rohan Singh Rana with Shri Jay PrakashJha and visited village Mara. Collected donation for the development of this community’s hunger problems.
Established an office in Rajasthan State Office for capacity building and leadership for community based organizations. It works for common people through CBOs.
Undertook a programme “Annual Forum for Micro Finance” on 23-24th June 2010 at Hotel Mansingh Palace, Jaipur, wherein he played a key role for Microfinance Support through Networking Organizations.
Indian People’s Alliance for Combating HIV/AIDS:- This programme was organized in 2010 for the first state-level consultation meet of IPACHA.
Worked as Advisor in Vinobha Balika Aawasiya Vidhyalaya in Daltonganj, District-Palamu under leadership of Gandian Hem Chand Shah.
Served as Member/Advisory Committee Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Shambhalpur under Ministry of HRD.
DELHI. Undertaken a rally to commemorate the ‘75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement’. It was a big rally from Raj Ghat to Parliament, Delhi (Dil jodo yatra) organized by COBOS team by different states on 9th Aug, 2016 moral supported by Gandhi smriti & Dharsan Samiti, under chairmanship of Hon’ble P.M Narendra Modi Ji.
Led ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme under the auspices of Gandhi Smriti & Dharshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture & organized a meet at Constitutional Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi on 30th March 2016 under chairmanship of Hon’ble P.M Narendra Modi Ji.
A Youth Development guidance program led with Gandhi Smriti & Dharsan Samiti, Ministry of Culture was organized at Gandhi Smriti & Dharsan Samiti, Rajgat, New Delhi under the chairmanship of Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi Ji.
On 1st May 2012, organized a seminar “Role of Government, Judiciary, Civil society and Corporate Houses in Elimination of Child Labour & Brightening their Lives” and many prominent personalities like Mr. Oscar Fernandes, (Hon’ble Chairman Parliamentary Standing Committee on HRD), Shri Mallikarjun Kharge (Hon’ble Mister for Labour& Employment), Shri Sudarshan Netehippan (Member of Parliament, President, Indian Society of International Law) and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhan (President, National Consumer Disputes) attended the Seminar.
Panchayat and Narega: A two-day Conference was conducted on 14 and 15, October 2008, in which he took the responsibility of Event Organizer in gathering the elected Panchayat Representatives. On 16th October at the residence of Minister of Panchayat Raj, Shri Manishanker Ayyer discussions were held with the elected panchayat representative for solving the local problem of the areas. At 5 pm all the representatives took oath on Mahatama Gandhi’s Tomb to stop the corruption in NAREGA in the presence of Shri Ranji Thomas, Secretary of AICC and President of Aashiana.
A National level seminar was organized jointly by CCBOS and IPACHA. It was held in Vishwa Yuvak Kendra in which deliberations were made on how to stop misuse of global funds for HIV, TB and Malaria.
Organised a prayer under at Rajghat, Delhi under the guidance of Gandhian leader late Didi Nirmala Deshpandey, Chairman Gandhi Memorial Samiriti, on the 50th Death Anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi. People from all over the country attended this ceremony and it is continuing from 1997.
Celebration of Human Rights Day : On 19th December 2010 (Human Rights Day) organized a seminar for the Victims of terror attacks and the responsibility of Global Community Towards them. Law Minister, GOI, Shri M. Veerappa Moily, H.E. Governor of Bihar Sh. Devanand Konwar, UN Officer attended this seminar.
Organized National Conference & General body meeting for Indian Peoples Alliance for Combating HIV/AIDS (IPACHA).
Organized a Seminar on “Defining Child Rights from Gandhian Perspective” on the eve of the Martyrdom Day of Rashtrapita Mahatama Gandhi. Mr. Amod K. Kanth Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Shri Oscar Fernandes, M.P. Hon’ble Chairman, Standing Committee of HRD, Parliament of India, H.E. Mr. Alexander M. Kadakin Ambassador of Russian, Federation of India, Shri Gadzhi M. Akhmedov Dy. Director, Russian Centre for Science & Culture attended this seminar.
On 8th August 2011, started a movement on the Anniversary of Quit India Movement. The name of this movement was “Shikshit Bharat-Viksit Bharat”. Thereafter, on 9th August 2011 there was a Prayer on Rajghat followed by ‘Padyatra’ organized towards making India as “Shikshit Bharat – Vikasit Bharat”.
He is actively engaged in ameliorating the lives of those affected by TB, Malaria, HIV & AIDS, apart from working for the Transparency of Global Fund in India.
Towards promotion of AHF HIV Blood test and second line treatment, he handed over 1000+letters to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh.
Formed “IPACHA” under the auspices of Dr. Ashok Rao Freedom Foundation. Its aim is to facilitate and support democratic-social and political mobilization locally, nationally and internationally, on cause and consequences of HIV and AIDS.
MAHARASHTRA Organised the programme of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Pahao’ at Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) to ensure that the financial support reach the hands of the beneficiary NGOs without the exploitation of corrupt elements.
Organised 3rd India Australia Skill Conference, Skill for Better Business, An initiative of the Australia India Education Council on 11th Nov., 2014.
Served as a Partner at Youth Development for Constructive Work and Pre-Career Guidance, UP through Gandhi Smriti & Dharsan Samiti, supported by Ministry of Cultural. Govt of India at Bundalkhand University Jhansi.
On June 4 & 5, 2016 Coordinated a youth development guidance program at Bundelkhand College Jhansi.
Helped in making People Manifesto in 2009...for UP election
Has been promoting international youth internship in and outside India with global internship agencies.
Has been promoting sports sponsorships for uplifting underprivileged sports talents with sports agencies.
Water supply problem was solved in 1992/93 in Budaun District, UP supported by Govt. of India CAPART.
Sanitation Problem was solved in 1994/95 in Village Hatasha, Distt. Budaun, UP.
Social Animators were prepared for village level social work in Bishouli, Bodaun, Junabai Blocks in UP supported by Government of India.
Low cost technology with FERO Cement, Roof Harvesting, Vermy Composing, and Technology development were made popular among the rural people, with the support of the Government of India.
Involved in UNESCO, INC, Ministry of HRD to literate small children supported by Ministry of HRD
Involved in Environment protection and conservation for the country with the support of Ministry of Forest & Environment and Asian and Global Conference in Nepal and different parts of the country under the leadership of Dr. Deshpandhu, Chairman of Indian Environment Society.
On 05 June 2016 True Media awarded by Pryavaran shri by the hand of Akhil Bharatiy Sarvbhasha Sanskriti Samnvay Samiti.
On 11 December, 2012, Maiher Times awarded by Bharat Gaurav by the hand of AnuTandon (Member of Parliament).
On 29 and 30th of December, 2011, award from Himalaya Aur Hindustan Foundation for contributing Journalism and Social Service.
On 8th July, 2010, awarded from News Papers & Magazines Federation of India for contributing in journalism.
Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award-2012, which was given by SriprakashJaiswal (Hon’ble Minster of Coal)
Health Education and Literacy (HEAL) Award by Global Open University, Nagaland. The award given by Karo Rupa, First Secretary of Papua New Guinea High Commission & Indonesia High Commission and the Chancellor Dr. P.R. Trivedi.
Joint Secretary Home Govt. of India Shri B.P. Singhal awarded for local redresser on the Recommendation of district superintendent Police Budaun Shri Dev Raj Nagar IPS in 1986.
For National Minority Cause Promoter of the Year 2009 through CCBOS Assam Chapter.
For the Valuable and Dedicated services in the field of Combating HIV/AIDS through the Nari Manch, Chhattisgarh.
On 26th January & 15th August district collector awarded by Shri S.K. Tiwari (IAS).
Awarded for 20 year Voluntary service through Hon’ble Minister Shri Raj Shekher, Ministry of Planning Commission Govt. of India.
Memento given by the Gandhi Samriti Evam Darshan Samiti, Rajghat, New Delhi on 18th September 2011 for working in ‘Bhoodan& Land Rights Issues’.
Attended participated the most important and high conference for the country which is fourth international conference on federalism which was held on 5th to 7th November of 2007 on behalf of CCBOs of India’s Delegate Member. In that Conference Leaders of most of the countries of the world attended and discussed about the federalism.
When the political bill in 24th April of 1993 was amended worked for the Panchayati Raj System the 73rd and 74th amendment was done in Indian Constitution. Done Padyatra and Empowerment Conference in different parts of the country to make applicable the amended rules with immediate effect. NCW, GOI, CAPART, Indian Environment Society had extended their valued help to him for fulfillment of the goal. Every year along with his well wishers and others have been working for the Women Political Empowerment day and celebrate seminars and meetings on that ground. Had participated in the Indo Norwegian Local Self Government (Panchayati Raj System) Conference and discussed with the top leaders of the two countries.



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