Our Mission


To transform Noida to be the first ever Indian city with zero waste and no garbage in the landfills and to achieve the status of a 100% environment friendly city by 2022.


To teach the citizens of Noida about the nuances of garbage and to make them aware about the various processes by which garbage can be reused.


To utilise garbage to a 100% by recycling and composting so that we can use every bit of our garbage and refrain it from going into landfills.


To achieve a 100% regenerative life-cycle for each and every resident of Noida.

We pledge to bring about a historical change in our approach towards garbage and make Noida a Healthier and Hygienic place for the next generations by 2022. The clock is ticking. And all we need is 5 years of a GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION that can change our outlook into one that is more responsible and regenerative about the environment we inhabit. Join us.


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