Green Award For You

Green Awards for You:

It is a known fact that we are a product of our environment. Our social and cultural life, physical and mental health along with our economic condition is directly linked to our surroundings. In short, our very existence depends on it. The all encompassing nature of this cause makes it one that needs immediate attention. Yet the Guardians of Nature rarely get recognized let alone awarded for their efforts in environment protection and conservation. Our founders wish to celebrate the valuable contributions made by schools, colleges, organizations and individuals in the field. All the ecologically sound practices, waste saving techniques and every little step in the right direction for a green society is worthy of tribute.Watch this space for all the eco-endeavors and achievements that are recognized and awarded by Garbage to Garden. If you wish to share your or anyone else’s success story, write to us and get featured here.


The Green Awards Jury is comprised of visionary leaders who are actively shaping the world we live in, representing a sought-after segment of environmentalists, social activists and humanitarians. They are experts in their field but more than that they are revolutionary creators of a brighter, cleaner and greener future. Their collective experience and broad knowledge base is what will adjudge the entries, carefully short listing and selecting the entries with the most impact that truly stand out.