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Changing the world has never been a one man job. We need all your support to reach our global goal made local. We wish you to be there with us, standing for the cause while together we transform our city into a green food forest. You can be a part of our initiative in three ways:
  1. You can donate
  2. You can register yourself with us with your residential details/ work details.
  3. You can also join us in our cause by simply practicing our ideology. Take the pledge. Transform your life, your home, your neighborhood, your whole world. And once you are on the roll, do send us all your stories, the challenges you faced the triumphs you achieved, every little detail that will inspire us and others like us even more.
Send us your stoy
Presently we are focusing on only Noida as we take baby steps towards our grand success. We are the residents of Noida and as the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’, we have started our journey (which hardly is a charity rather a grave responsibility) with our own city of Noida and we wish to take the green revolution forward further by taking it to the other parts of the country as well.
We are working rapidly towards our goal and we wish to reach every corner of our city at the earliest possibility. We would be obliged to be there at your community to work and to help you work a reform in your community.Register yourself with the details of your community/locality/workplace/NGO details. Invite us in your locality and we will be there to spread the awareness and demonstrate our way of recycling and managing waste to support the reform.
Believeing in what you believe in takes no time. Awareness reaches higher than you think. Educate yourself about waste management and be a little more cautious towards the waste you create. That would help the cause enough. In order to help us just take the pledge. The least you could do is to be cautious about waste segregation and not mixing inorganic and organic wastes together. You could help us in minimizing using plastic materials and maximizing using nature friendly recyclable materials. You can recycle the things you plan to discard. You can do a great many things other than directly associating with us with your precious time.
If you face any difficulties here is the details of our A/C where you can directly transact your donations.
We are continually training people for waste management in different localities in Noida through online and on ground support. Our first workshop is going to be organized in Sector 92 in Noida.
You are behind this, this is your revolution. It’s just our thought but it’s your initiative that can help it become a reality. We are approaching each one of you. We will request each and every resident of Noida to take a part in making this dream a reality.


This project is the brainchild of our most reputed patron Mr. Pankaj Singh (MLA of Noida). With his help and support we look forward to bring about a palpable change in the mindset of all the residents of Noida about waste management, by motivating them to recycle kitchen waste effectively and efficiently. We are thankful for the constant support and assistance from the Authorities of Noida and the Resident’s Welfare Associations headed by Mr. N.P. Singh.
Here is the complete list of our partner NGOs in Noida and in other parts of the country. Join us. Help us connect to your NGO and other organizations here:
In this green revolution each and every resident of Noida is probable a volunteer. People residing outside Noida can also join us by helping the cause grow. Here is the link.
Definitely. They are an integral part in creating our food forest. With all their enthusiasm kids in and around Noida will help us in the cause. They will participate in the workshop, in the training programs in schools for composting and farming. They will demonstrate the cause and the waste management techniques to their respective localities.
Colaboration is necessary for us to make this a reality. We are going and approaching each and every locality in Noida for demonstrations, workshops and trainings about waste management. It’s not an easy process and is time taking. You can collaborate by connecting to your respective localities and represent our programs there with your crews and volunteers. You can also send us some of your case studies. You can initiate a zero waste challenge in your locality. We can collaborate and organize an event together.


Contact us with your details and we will get back to you.

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