A Garden city, a garden for the community of Noida

Who are we?

We are a group of citizens with one simple dream, that of a clean and green city, driven by urban regenerative gardening. We wish to create a safe, healthier and hygienic environment for generations to come. We work at the community level with residential localities, corporate buildings, schools, colleges, farmlands and villages. Our way of gardening is not only scientific and advanced it is also a great deal interesting.

We host lively events to impart important information for developing a regenerative lifestyle. We take regular classes and workshops in the community level to interact with residents and solve their problems and to encourage to push them to work towards our collective goal. We also organize training sessions for the youth.

We also organize workdays in which we to work together in gardens, dividing the job among all of us to step by step create smaller plots and slots of regenerative gardens and to grow farm fresh vegetables without any pesticides or harmful chemicals. We make our own composts generated from the leftovers that come from all our kitchens.


What is our story?

not long ago it first occurred to us—the fear; the fear of being homeless, of being in a space, an environment which is extremely harmful for all of us, for our entire community. We are living in this planet and trashing every resource that it offers us as if we have a spare one to move to Sadly, it’s not the case. This is our only planet and this planet is our only hope to survive.

The truth is the planet we are harming day in and day out with all our garbage is slowly decaying. When we see the pile of garbage in every nook and corner of Noida, the fear strikes us. When we see the mounted up piles of garbage in the landfills full of harmful chemicals and hazardous gasses ready to be blown up with just a small spark, the fear strikes us.

Seeing these disturbing visuals it occurred to us that we were so blind and so acclimatized to ignore the grave reality that we can’t even imagine what awaits us. So far, we only passively learned some random information about Swachha Bharat and other environmentally concerning activities but we never gave it a serious thought!

The day we decided that enough has been done and we need to undo the harm we have caused our environment. That very day, a new revolution was born. We titled it THE GREAT INDIA GARBAGE REVOLUTION. So we took it upon ourselves to find a viable solution for the problem of garbage and so we did.

We solved the puzzle and came up with an easy procedure to reuse our kitchen leftovers which consist of the most of our daily waste. We will compost it to use it for plantation again, so that we get healthy and nutritious home grown vegetables. We believe, being responsible citizen, we need to do our part to work for the betterment of our society. And we need to start our work from our very homes as the age old proverb says, ‘charity begins at home’ so does our Garbage Revolution. So we started our GREAT INDIAN GARBAGE REVOLUTION from our very homes, our localities and now we are working to change the entire cityscape of Noida with green gardens all around.

We work with volunteers to maintain the garden and are always looking for more helping hands. Join us at Noida, New Delhi, India. or info@iipfoundationindia.org
Want to host an event? dinner? music? class? info@iipfoundationindia.org


We are reaching out to each and every school, college, residential locality, corporate house, individual volunteer, farmer and villager to imbibe a more eco-friendly lifestyle and contribute towards out collective goal. We plan to collaborate with consumers, suppliers, marketers and purchasers to drive demand and transition farms to regenerative agriculture.