The Organization Behind

The Organization Behind

A Foundation is built brick by brick. IIP Foundation’s foundation stone rests upon the profound belief of ‘goodness of society and its welfare’. We believe in practicing environmental sustainability, we aim to achieve it by empowering responsible citizens through our organization. We preach and practice a change by being productive and self-reliant and teaching our students to be the same. We dream of a flourishing society free from environmental degradation and apathy towards our surroundings.

Our objective

Our idea of an institution doesn’t end at educating students but strives to engage and benefit all communities in developmental and reformative programs related to health, education, environment, livelihoods and disaster management with an emphasis on social responsibility, human values and environmental sustainability.
IIP Foundation India believes in empowering the marginalized sectors of our society and bringing about a gender equitable symmetry in our society. IIP recognizes the societal evil against women, discriminations against them which results in abuse and violations of their fundamental rights and entitlements, limits their access and control over resources. The foundation strongly believes that empowered women can help families and communities in the fight against poverty, marginalization, exclusion and social injustice.


We share a grand vision of a better and empowered tomorrow where every citizen of our country seize their equal rights of living a happy, healthy, secured, successful, unbiased and prosperous life. Where each and every one of them have access over a proper and free healthcare, quality-oriented education and vocational skills irrespective of class, caste, creed, gender, religion, social status and location.


Our mission is to extend a helping hand towards the underprivileged communities, to broaden their horizons and accelerate the pace of their development, to make them aware of their fundamental rights and privileges and to educate and spread the knowledge about the idea of equality and social dignity in a healthy and hygienic environment.

Legal Status

  • FCRA: Registration No. - 231661681
  • 12A: Registration No. - DEL -IE25954 -24042015/4629
  • 80G: Registration No. - DEL -IE25954 -24042015/4269