NOIDA Waste to Wealth Week

NOIDA Waste to Wealth Week Programme

Date From 15th January to 21st January 2018
Venue Noida Stadium/ Golf course
Time 15th to 19th January –
20th and 21st January - 11.00 am to 08:00 pm
Events Schedule Programme (related to environment and waste management)
15-16th January Schools event
  • Drawing Competition for 1st to 8th class
  • Upcyclying Model Making Competition for 9th to 12th class
17-18th January College event
19th January Paint your Car - Express way to Golf Course Carnival.
20-21st January NOIDA Waste to Wealth (Week) Mela
  • Inauguration of Mela with prominent personalities
  • Work shop/symposium on “various mentioned subjects“
  • Booths of NGOs/Corporate CSR Departments/Composting and waste recycling Machine Manufacturers.
  • Award and Recognition ceremony (Best participations and organisations
  • working in environment and waste management)
  • We are inviting Specialists on various subjects of swachhta related activities such as Solid Waste Management, Sanitation, Water, Health, Hygiene and more.
  • Participation of Corporate houses with innovative displays and exhibitions.
  • Paint your Car to Garden for a day-car rally in Noida on a pre-decided route.
  • RWAs to come and share the views, experiences, concerns related to Waste Management and treatment.


We hope that you would support IIP Foundation by joining hands with us as a key contributor for the event. As a key contributor, your school is sure to receive exposure from media campaigns and all promotions for the event. You will also gain exposure from the audience/Residents/Govt. Deptts./PSUs attending the event. As a Group who known for highest standards in the Industry and State, you are definitely an ideal partner for us in this venture.
We are looking forward to hearing from you. In case you have any queries you can contact us at the numbers given on the form enclosed. Thank you for being our partner in the past and hopefully you will continue to support us in this endeavour.
Your contribution will help assure the success of Waste to Wealth Week 2018. Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your reply and to a future potential partnership.

Garbage to Garden Project by IIP Foundation

Who we are?

‘IIP Foundation’ is a Delhi based social welfare non-government organization, Regd. under Trust Act. Our project Garbage to Garden is a reformative social initiative and has taken up the grand endeavour to fight against the evil of garbage. Our vision is to have a Healthy and Hygienic Nation through Waste Segregation.

Why this cause?

It is a known fact that we are a product of our environment. Our social and cultural life, physical and mental health along with our economic condition is directly linked to our surroundings. The all-encompassing nature of this cause makes it one that needs immediate attention.
Urban India is the world’s third-largest generator of garbage and by 2050 waste is expected to rise to 436 million tons, roughly 70-75% of which remains untreated. Most landfill sites are over-flowing in our country due to the faulty waste disposal system and there is literally no space to accommodate fresh garbage waste. Nearly 20% of methane gas emissions in India are caused by landfills. The trash dumped in the landfills is prone to catching fire due to the heat generated by the decomposition of waste, becoming a health hazard for the citizens of India in more ways than one. And we are well aware that several other developing nations are also plagued by the very same problems. We wish to share our practices and collaborate with likeminded people and organizations.

What solution do we propose?

Efficient and effective waste management is the need of the hour and there are simple remedies that we can use to do our bit. So we decided to start at the origin of it all, which is our home.Study suggests that by segregating, recycling and composting, a family of 4 can reduce their waste from 1000 Kg to less than 100 kg every year. Multiply that with your population and you can immediately see the immense benefits of composting. Apart from adopting this model at home, we also need to do the same in schools, colleges, companies, canteens, hotels, restaurants and hospitals.

Our Initiative:

We have designed our reformative social initiative ‘Garbage to Garden’ to manage waste more efficiently right from its origin, our home. We have come up with a plan to utilize kitchen waste, to create compost and help grow organic produce with the manure created by our own kitchen waste. Our mantra is, ‘Don’t throw it, Grow it’.

How do we plan to achieve it?

Our project Garbage to Garden is community driven and result oriented. We do not want to follow a top down approach, instead we wish to empower citizens and make them responsible and accountable for the waste they create.

  • Awareness and Empowerment : We conduct workshops, seminars, fests and other activities that hand out all the information required to make people eco-conscious and ready to take action. Queries are answered and demonstrations given to make the process of waste segregation and composting as easy as possible. We find it imperative to engage citizens in dialogue to empower them to be the harbingers of change
  • Providing the Right Tools : We understand that sometimes positive change is harder to achieve due to long working hours and busy work days for most. Keeping that in mind we have designed our easy to use composting kit, which we deliver straight to the doorstep. The kit consists of two dustbins for waste segregation and three earthen pots for composting, along with a manual.
  • Collaboration : We wish to collaborate with organizations and individuals from all over the world, who are devoted to the cause, so that we can share practices and knowledge and create a platform which is beneficial for everyone involved. Mobilization of RWAs is also a vital step to ensure implementation of community composting pits for apartment complexes, societies and larger organizations. We also collaborate with companies working in the recycling sector and function as a critical link between residents and the process of recycling.
  • Celebrating Efforts : Our Green Awards have been constituted to recognize and celebrate the efforts of people and organizations. We find it our duty to exhibit gratitude and encourage all those who work selflessly towards the cause and to give their examples to inspire others to join their noble efforts.

Recent Achievements:

  • Launch of Swachhta ki Mashaal from Gandhi Smriti, 30 January Marg on 15th September 2017 in association with Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti.
  • National Seminar on Wet Waste Management organized in association with Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture and Government of India under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Government of India. Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Industry and Commerce, Govt. of India and Padma Vibhushan Ms. Sonal Mansingh, official brand ambassador Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of Government of India along with experts from various domains were presented their views on waste management.
  • Several workshops held and associations developed with other NGOs
  • Booth at North East Calling festival at India Gate: Awareness spread and queries answered.
  • Participation in SAARC CCI Investment forum at Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Participation in SAARC CCI Conference on “Unlocking Climate Investment: Opportunities in SAARC Water Management and Scalable Business Solutions, a special presentation on waste is organized in this conference on GarbageToGarden
  • Community Composting Pit finalized for residents of Sectors 35, 62, 92, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Over 3000 residents from various parts have been aware till now who are doing segregation at their homes and the numbers are increasing every day.

Funds for Functioning and Activities:

Our organization and its members work tirelessly to achieve positive change in society. We accept funds and donations from partner NGOs, Governments, Corporate and other partners to meet our nominal expenses, to carry out our activities. We function on a project to project basis and discuss the various facets of an assignment which is to be undertaken with the party concerned, before coming to a mutual agreement.