The Pledge

We can all do our bit to achieve a 100% sustainable lifestyle. All we have to do is tap into our daily habits and take note of how we can reduce the amount of harm we unknowingly do to our environment. All we need have to do is to be a little more responsible towards Garbage redressal. Rather than throwing it we might as well give it a try growing it. It’s not asking for something humongous but if we can work together towards our vision we all can make this happen.

Here is what we are going to do. We will all take an oath to contribute towards our environment by managing the garbage that we create. This way garbage is going to be reduced from its origin. We will all list our oaths here. Please add on to it whenever you feel like.


I will not throw plastic with the kitchen waste.
I will keep a separate dustbin for paper and plastic in order to segregate.
I will reuse every bit of kitchen waste to create compost.
4 I will use only natural composts in my soil, in case of kitchen farming or community farming.
I will not throw waste on the roads, rather if I see dry waste loitering upon the road, I will collect it and put it in a roadside dustbin.
I will try to not use plastic bags rather would go for cotton bags, whenever I shop anything from the market.
I will try to recycle my old clothes, broken gadgets, things that are not used now by sending it away to a recycle factory or doing it myself.
I will try to plant a tree and name it and take care of it myself.
I will try to inspire everyone in my locality about a community farming endeavour where we all can grow our own vegetables and fertilise them with composts created by us.
I will ensure that my house is a clean house and my street is a clean street. I will ensure that the streets will not be a garbage dumping ground.
I will persuade the municipal authorities to lift the garbage without accumulation, keep the road approaches and drainage system clean at all times in my area.
I will conserve energy and promote green building concept wherever possible.
I will teach my family members and friends "Clean home leads to clean neighbourhood, clean neighbourhood leads to clean state, clean state leads clean nation, clean nation leads to clean planet earth".
I will activate water bodies in my neighbourhood wherever possible and ensure greenery around it.


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